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Pick & Pack

Pick & Pack

Pick and pack is often used in the retail distribution of goods as part of a total supply chain management process and is ideal for businesses that do not have the space or ability to fulfil their own logistical requirements.

Trax Express Systems operates a fully integrated pick and pack system, ideal for those businesses that require flexibility in their distribution services. By storing your products with us we have the resources to facilitate the picking and then packing of stock ready to be transported to your customers through one of our many delivery services. Pick and Pack provides a great way to manage stock at the same time as integrating all of your distribution needs in one place.

Trax Express Systems offers a pick and pack service to fully meet each client’s individual needs and will provide the most efficient and effective method for the packing/repacking process of your product.


  • 25000 Cubic ft existing warehouse space
  • 24hr Security
  • Computerised Management of Stock
  • Experienced Warehouse Staff
  • First Class Logistics


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